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Pop Up Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are always a fun way to express your birthday greetings to someone close. Explore our wide selection of 3D pop up birthday cards to make your loved one’s birthday is a moment to remember. 

Our pop up cards feature adorable designs intricately pieced together by a team of paper engineers. The designs are mostly inspired by Australian wildlife, flora and fauna. Each card features a printed element on the cover and an amusing pop up character insider that will surprise your loved one upon opening. Together with your beautiful message these cards are a true keepsake for anyone who receives one.

Unlike ordinary birthday cards, our 3D pop up birthday cards are made from high quality heavy gauge paper and card material from Japan. They are 100 percent safe to handle and safe for the environment. Send your loved ones a lovely pop up card and make their birthday truly wonderful!

We made sure that each 3D birthday pop up card is well worth your time and money. Feel free to browse through our beautiful collection of birthday pop up cards and select your favorite design.