The Ultimate Birthday Party Supplies Checklist

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The Ultimate Birthday Party Supplies Checklist

January 02, 2020 4 min read

Parents can spend an average of $28,000 on their children's birthday parties up until age 21. 

That is a lot of money to spend if the party doesn't go as planned. Ensure that each event is as perfect as the person you are throwing it for by planning ahead of time. 

Use this list of birthday party supplies to make sure the fun isn't interrupted by a trip to the store. 


The invitation is the first impression of your party. Invitations are party supplies that serve as the introduction to your theme and tells your guests some important information. 

First, choose an adult or child theme to determine which kind of invitation you will purchase. Match your invitation design to your theme to make it obvious and enticing to your guests.

Then decide on a location, date, time, and any additional instructions like recommended attire.

Mail out your invitations at least 4 weeks before your party so guests have time to put your event on their calendar. 

Food and Drinks

Your party needs more than confetti balloons to keep your guests happy. You will also need to feed them.

Decide on whether you will be getting your party catered or cooking. If you cater, then plan on ordering your food at least a week before your date. Cooking involves going shopping and preparing the food a day or two before the party. 

Be sure to include all diets like vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergy-free options. 

Drinks should also include a variety of items like water, soda, juice, and optional alcohol. Consider how drinks will be served. Will you need a punch bowl, cans, ice for cups, or a cooler?

If you choose to serve alcohol at adult parties then you may need a bartender to make the drinks. 

Birthday Cake

The cake is the highlight of any birthday party. Make sure you get the cake right by finding out the special someone's favorite cake. 

Decorate it with cake toppers and a personalized message. 

Also, estimate the size of the cake to accommodate all of your guests. Assume that everyone might have a second piece, so the cake should be large enough.


When it comes to partyware, you can find discount party supplies to cut your budget. 

Your plates, cups, napkins, knives, forks, and spoons don't have to be fancy but they should fit your theme. 

Once you get your RSVPs back you can buy your partyware. Buy more than your expected guest list, assuming people will use more than one of each. You may also get someone who didn't RSVP shows up. 

Partyware is easy to clean up and can be recycled. Have a recycling bin available in and outside your home so guests can help you keep your house clean. 


Every party needs happy birthday balloons to welcome guests. You can tie some party balloons on your mailbox or at the end of the street to point guests in the right direction. 

Other decorations include table cloths, streamers, party hats, banners, noisemakers, centrepieces, and confetti. 

Decide on your decoration game plan the day before just in case you need more streamers or a bigger table cloth. Then start decorating the morning of your party to have everything set before guests arrive. 


No party is complete without some tunes. You might want to use a playlist and an iPod for smaller gatherings. Or hire a bank or DJ for larger or outdoor parties. 

Either way, plan well ahead of time. Gather the person of the hour's favourite songs, but make sure they are party appropriate. They should be upbeat and familiar to your guests. 

A band or DJ needs an area to work. Designate a stage for them in an uncluttered part of the house or in the backyard. Book artists at least a few weeks before your party. 

Make sure your guests know about the band or DJ on the invitation so that they bring their dancing shoes. 


The type of games you will play all depend on the theme of the party and how many people are invited.

Board games are great for smaller children's parties. Or try a game of charades or another interactive activity at an adult party. 

For larger parties, a murder mystery game for adults or a piñata for kids involves everyone at once. 

Have several game options and areas for people to play so that your guests can choose their favourite activity. 

You can also include prizes for the winner to make it more interesting. Prizes do not have to cost too much. They just have to be fun.

Party Favours

Make sure your guests have a good time at your party and after your party. Party favours as a thank you to your guests for coming to your event is a great idea. It also serves as a memento that they can look back on with a smile. 

These items can be simple like a themed candle or additional treats. Include 3-5 items in a gift bag with each guest's name on it. 

You could also rent a photo booth to have guests take home some candid moments of your party. 

Buying You Birthday Party Supplies

Time is not the only thing to consider when planning a party. You also want to consider your birthday party supplies budget. 

Make a budget in each of these categories to see how much you can spend. 

Then visit our sales section to start saving on your party supplies. 

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