9 Unique 21st Birthday Party Themes That Are Unforgettable

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9 Unique 21st Birthday Party Themes That Are Unforgettable

February 24, 2021 4 min read

Today is your 21st birthday. It’s one of the biggest birthdays you’ll ever have. Right up there with your sweet 16.

So, the question is, how do you want to celebrate it? There are a million fun 21st birthday party themes and ideas that you can go with. From stereotypical themes like a Las Vegas casino night to something more unique like a paint ‘n’ sip party, there's something to suit the taste of you and your guests.

To help you decide what to do for your big day, keep reading for a full list of neat theme ideas that you should consider.

1. Costume Party 

If your birthday comes around during October or close to it, a costume party is the perfect theme idea. If you want, you can set a secondary theme around it like wild west or traditional gothic Halloween. 

Whatever you do, allow your guests to get creative with their costume choices and get a little unique with yours as well. Remember, as the host your costume will set the mood for the entire event. Don't be afraid to go wild and have fun with it. 

2. Throwback Party 

Think back to the party themes you had as a child and recreate one the one that stands out in your mind the most. Of course, you may make a few tweaks to the theme but it's fine to keep a lot of the elements the same. 

Even if the theme is something your friends might find cheesy now like Power Rangers or The Power Puff Girls,it's your childhood memories and a throwback party is a good way for you to hold on to them. 

3. Your Favourite Colour 

What's your favourite colour? This is a basic 21st birthday party theme that you can get a little creative with. First, pick a colour. 

Once you choose one, check around for decorations that all centre around that colour. Look up fun cocktails and drinks that you can make and order your birthday cake in the colour that you've chosen.  

If you can't find the right colour decorations or the bakery can't make a cake to your specifications, don't be afraid to DIY. 

4. Mardi Gras

Perhaps one of the most iconic things about Mardi Gras is the colourful decor. You can recreate this with bright streamers and beads that you found at the store or made yourself. 

Another iconic part of Mardi Gras is the masks. You can either have guests come with a mask or set up a station so they can have fun making their own. To really sell the theme, prepare delicious Cajun food to serve your guests.    

5. Las Vegas 

You can do a Las Vegas night one of two ways. If you have the extra money laying around, you and your guests can go to the actual place and spend the weekend. If you're a little short on cash you can bring Las Vegas into your living room. 

To get started with this theme idea, roll out the red carpet. Literally. No Las Vegas night is complete without one.

You can also DIY a few other decorations like giant dice and playing card doors. Look up and create some Las Vegas themed cocktails to serve. Have everyone dress in their fanciest clothes and then get started with a few casino games. 

No, you don't have to gamble for money. Instead, play with chips and give a prize to the person with the largest pile at the end of the night. 

6. Spa Day 

Like with the Las Vegas theme, you can either go to the actual place or do a themed party at home with your friends. If you want to have an authentic experience you can have a professional come in from a beauty school. They'll be happy to take the job because it will give them experience and a little extra spending money. 

Setting up the spa mood in your home won't be too hard. All you need to do is light a few candles and incense. As far as food goes, allow your guests to beautify themselves inside and out by serving healthy choices. 

7. Paint 'N' Sip 

Paint 'n' sip parties are a popular way to spend your birthday but it can be hard to make a reservation. So, host your own party at home. Set up a work station for each one of your guests. 

Deck out these work stations out with paintbrushes, a variety of paints, a table top easel, an empty canvas, a cup of water, a mixing tray, tracing paper, a reusable pattern, and a lot of napkins and wine.   

8. Taco Bar

Hosting a 21st birthday taco bar makes it easy to feed a bunch of party guests at once. Depending on how many party guests you have you'll need to set out a few dips as appetizers.  

You should include a couple of different meats for your guests to choose from. Not everyone enjoys beef. Also, pick up both soft and hard tortillas. Next is your toppings. 

Put out as many of your favourite toppings as you can such as lettuce, jalapenos, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, onions, tomatoes, rice, and beans. Don't forget the pitchers of margaritas for your guests to wash their food down with.  

9. Adult Tea Party

Nobody is too old to enjoy a good tea party. Drape your table with a white tablecloth and break out the good china to place your pastries and other snacks on. 

You also need to grab a tea set and a few boxes of your favourite tea to give your guests a little variety. 

Try out One of These 21st Birthday Party Themes

Your 21st birthday is one of the biggest birthdays you're going to have. You deserve to have a party that everyone is going to be talking about for years to come. 

The secret to a banging bash all begins with one of these 21st birthday party themes. Pick one out and start planning your big day. 

You can't throw a party without the right supplies. Visit our store to pick up everything you need. 

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