9 Essential Supplies You Need for a Christmas Party Nobody Will Forget

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9 Essential Supplies You Need for a Christmas Party Nobody Will Forget

December 18, 2019 4 min read

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Waves of holiday invitations are sure to land in your mailbox as the party season kicks off.

To plan the ultimate Christmas party, you'll need the right supplies. Browse this comprehensive list of 9 essential supplies you will need to plan an event nobody will forget.

Christmas Party Essentials

The average Christmas party is all about the music and festivities. Unlike a dinner party where guests struggle to make small talk, a Christmas party is a time to be informal and lighthearted.

To plan your next shindig, you will need the following party essentials.

1. Serving Trays

The heart of a good party lies in the quality of the food. This doesn't mean grab the fanciest serving trays available for a display of foie gras toasts.

Quality food can be hearty snacks that compliment your alcohol selections. To pull off a festive theme, choose no more than two colors for your serving trays.

The repetition of color scheme makes a big impact when matched with decorations around the room.

2. Christmas Trees

It's not really a Christmas party until you pull out the tabletop Christmas trees. If you don't have physical trees, tablecloths and matching decor should feature images of Christmas trees.

Real trees leave rooms smelling like fresh pine which is always a welcoming aroma for guests.

3. Christmas Lights

Multicolored and white Christmas lights are a brilliant option for room decor during a holiday party. Christmas lights are relatively inexpensive and can help fill empty space when you run out of decorations.

4. Themed Costume Supplies

There will always be one or two people who won't participate in a party theme for a variety of reasons. Have themed costume supplies on hand to make sure everyone is included in the festivities.

5. Party Invitations

The party invitation sets the tone for the event. Design your invitation to match the decor style or highlight the activities of the holiday event.

6. Alcohol

When serving alcohol at a holiday party, always include holiday staples like Wassail and Eggnog. These drinks are rich and comforting against the cold of winter.

7. Plates & Flatware

Make plates and flatware available even if your menu is limited to chips and salsa. Some guests want the option to mingle while eating.

Adding utensils to the table allows them to serve themselves if the main serving spoon goes missing.

8. Photo Props

Why rent an expensive photo booth when you can create your own holiday props for photos? Santa hats, reindeer antlers and red noses are a good starting point for creating memorable photos.

9. Music

Whether intended as ambiance or dance motivation, music is a must at a holiday party. The great thing about Christmas music is that it comes in a wide range of genres.

Create a custom playlist based on the mood you want to set. Start with slower tempos and speed things up as the night progresses.

Choosing a Theme

Holiday parties are some of the easiest events to plan. Guest expectations are wildly different, but most won't challenge a traditional Christmas theme.

Events with few decorations can be described as understated while over the top celebrations are a winter wonderland.

Here are a few suggestions on narrowing down the theme of your event:

  • What time of day is the party?
  • What's the venue?
  • Will there be activities?
  • Who will attend? How old are the guests?
  • Will guests expect a meal?
  • Will alcohol be served?

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to theme your party is to require guests to wear costumes. In the event you're working with a small venue, people watching can replace dancing as the main activity of the evening.

These costume themed holiday parties are sure to get guests talking.

Pajama Party

Pajama parties are fun for all ages. For children, encourage the silliest Christmas pajamas around for a lively contest.

Adults can get as sexy or humorous as they like to come to the event. Provide Christmas socks to guests as they enter to help them get cozy.

To plan this party, include warm throw blankets and toss pillows on furniture around the space. Add floor pillows where space allows you to create a casual atmosphere.

Serve fresh baked cookies with spiked egg nog as your main treat. Kids' events can include hot chocolate as the main beverage instead.

Ugly Sweater Party

The ugly sweater party trend is still going strong. Contests for the ugliest sweater are always hilarious to judge.

Encourage creativity in your guests by promoting the competition ahead of the event. Include information on the party invitations.

With time to brainstorm, there's no limit to how outrageous the ugly sweater event can be.


For more sophisticated audiences, black tie masquerades are always in fashion. Masquerade parties offer instant elegance.

The mystery of masks is enough to add allure to the crowd. Dim the lights and put on your favorite pop holiday songs to get people dancing.

Masquerade masks are inexpensive to purchase in bulk. Keep a basket of spare masks by the door in case a guest forgets to bring his own.

Serve champagne and light appetizers on tiered trays. Gold or silver trays work well with any color Christmas decor you use to fill the space.

Favorite Christmas Character

There's no faster way to get guests talking than a Favorite Christmas Character party. This theme is great when you're looking for easy ice breakers for the group.

Play Christmas movies in the background to set the mood of the event. Snack foods and drinking games are a good fit for this casual party idea.

Deck the Halls

Themed Christmas parties are the best way to throw a party nobody will forget. With the right party supplies, your Christmas party planning will be seamless.

Guest expectations around the holidays are to socialize amid Christmas decorations. This is the time of year when posh style matters the least.

Have fun with your party decor and guests will appreciate the festive celebration. To begin your Christmas party shopping, visit our website.

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